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"It takes twenty years to become an overnight success."
Eddie Cantor

When your name is on the door, your business is personal.  Dentists seek a triple crown:
• Best experience for patients.
• Best restorations and processes for the doctor and the dental office.
• Benefit industry and society.

Technically and functionally, dentists seek labs who deliver precise interproximal and occlusal contacts consistently, providing repeatable results of high quality finished restorations. Remakes and poorly seated restorations are bad for business.

Dentists seek dental laboratories that provide a better utilization of time seating restorations:
• Patients’ time
    o In chair
    o Between visits
• Administrative and staff time
• Dentist time

The bottom line is important and the investment in digital capture has upfront and recurring operational costs to evaluate. Other costs like tray sterilization and impression disposal will no longer occur as well as transportation time to send impressions to labs.

Although tooth and tissue preparation are equivalent, a dentist cannot discount the WOW factor of a patient witnessing his dentist magnifying his tooth image in real time for his viewing pleasure.  The ability to correct problem areas prior to completing the scan has a definite cost advantage by eliminating retakes, but the dentist appearing smart and current may just get a mention at the coffee bar.

Differentiating your practice from your local competitors can take place in a variety of ways from outstanding customer service to implementation of technology and the marketing thereof. Achieving patient retention and acquisition is key but ultimately the success of your choice to be a dentist is a function of your capital investment, your operational effectiveness and the happiness you achieve in your chosen lifestyle.

By Hennessy Labs                

3Shape scans a conventional model from impression trays.

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