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Accurate and Adaptable

"Milled models more accurately represent the structure of the mouth than impression materials can replicate."
Michael Hennessy, CDT, President, DENTgineering™

The ORIGIN CAD/CAM industrial grade milling system builds a mathematical algorithm to efficiently cut the unit and the material chosen.  With 5 burrs utilized for precision, the system mathematically evaluates the quality of the burr (shelf life is in minutes) and the angle necessary to create the unit. Up to 36 units are created simultaneously.

The image below displays how the mathematical algorithm will mill a custom implant abutment:

  • Red lines represent the direction the burrs will approach the material.
  • Yellow lines represent the direction and path the burrs while follow while individually milling the abutment layer-by-layer.

Burrs are chosen based on the optimal cut: from ‘heavy lifting’ to an infinitesimal precision etch.

The ORIGIN CAD/CAM system is laboratory grade and expensive for a reason:

  • The mathematical algorithm to efficiently cut the restoration and the material chosen is complex.
  • The durability of the equipment for industrial grade precision cutting is significant.
  • The software to deliver fractional millimeter changes is robust.


Pro Duo 5000 by ORIGIN 
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