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Local Seminars

Contact Us to register for seminars on the first and third Wednesday of each month, from 6- 8 pm at the Riviera Beach location.  Dinner is provided! 

DENTgineering™ will review and implement in detail The 6 steps of Digital Dental Solutions:

Digital Capture – Using a handheld unit in the dentist chair, the digital scan is created on the dentist’s laptop screen real-time, as dentists and patients see the digital impression created.
Data Validation – Digital scans are assembled, layered and manipulated by professionally trained DENTgineering™ personnel or the manufacturers. Margins, occlusions and clearance are checked and rechecked.

Design – The 3Shape Scanner software designs the model for abutments, copings, anatomical copings, bridge substructures and full contour zirconia crowns.  The appropriate materials for aesthetics and strength are chosen for the crown, bridge, or implant.

Materials – With a boiling point of 4300° Celsius and a stable price point, the Zirconia has many applications beyond dental restorations: mobile phones and thermal barriers for jet and diesel engines to name a few!

Abutments are available for multiple implant systems including Nobel, Straumann, 3i, Zimmer, Branemark and others.
Milling – The ORIGIN CAD/CAM industrial grade milling system builds a mathematical algorithm to efficiently cut the unit and the material chosen.  With 5 burrs utilized for precision, the system mathematically evaluates the quality of the burr (shelf life is in minutes) and the angle necessary to create the unit. Up to 36 units are created simultaneously.

Enameling – A manual process yesterday and in the foreseeable future, the application of porcelain is the true aesthetic art of dental restorations. Strength coupled with translucency, light penetration and color matching creates the pearl of ‘pearly whites.’

Delivery – The time between
                  DENTgineering™ facilities ->
dentist office -> patient’s smiling ‘thank you!’ 
                  is shortened dramatically.


By Hennessy Labs                

The first and third Wednesday of every month, 6-8:30 pm.

Dinner is provided.




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