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Digital Scanners

"74% of patients think it is great my dentist has the technology"
iTero™ marketing

As the industry shifts to digital technology, dentists will remove some unpleasant aspects of their daily activities.

Taking impressions is stressful on the patient and the dentist:

  • Eight minutes of gagging is not fun for anyone
  • If the impression is not quite right, alerting a patient that the impression needs to be retaken is not a happy conversation.

Many materials have thermal properties and expand and contract in temperatures and humidity.  Whether your impression is mailed or picked up by a carrier, delivery itself is likely to introduce and/or magnify errors.

The best labs in the world and Hennessy Dental Lab has an excellent reputation, manually address the additive nature of errors inherent in conventional dental laboratory methods.

Conventional laboratory methods take time as deliveries, model development, and restoration creation are serial processes.

The digital methodologies introduced by DENTgineering™, quite simply reduce errors: less errors means less time spent on stressful activities.  Contact Us or visit our Seminars for more information.

By Hennessy Labs                

Reduce Stress with Less Errors

Digital scanning with Cadent™ iTero wand 

Reduce Time

With digital scanning, models are created simultaneously with the restoration.

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