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The future begins... in YOUR office...

"Delivery appointments for digitally scanned prosthetics have been reduced by half or more creating a much more positive experience for the patient and a more profitable work day for my practice." 
Dr. Dawn Kovac, DDS, member of DENTgineering™ Test Team
The dental industry has seen an exponential growth in options over the past 5 years, with the functional and aesthetic application of digital technology and new materials leading the way. 

“In a June 2009 survey conducted by Dental Products Report, more than 16% of general dentists claimed to have some type of digital impressioning device in their practice.  That number has increased significantly since then.  In fact, Lee Culp, CDT, had predicted in late 2007 that, “within five years, most dentists will be taking digital impressions.”

       - Nathan S. Birnbaum, DDS, The Revolution in Digital Impressioning,  
         July/Aug 2010, Inside Dentistry

With 41 years experience, 27 years in business and 8 years analyzing and testing multi-vendor digital solutions, Hennessy Dental Laboratory has evolved to launch DENTgineering, the practical application of digital solutions for the Dentist and the Laboratory.

Touch it; test it; experience it.  Talk to your peers, weigh your options and understand how DENTgineering™ will help you differentiate your practice. Then Decide.

Read about Origin, the most versatile and cost efficient milling system on the market today. Ask about our experience with Titanium copings and bridges, VITA full contour ceramic blocks and Zirconia Abutments. 

Garner hands-on knowledge with seminars and events or view events on webcams or YouTube.

Evaluate a Clon3D digital scanner in your office.
Appreciate how your peers have incorporated digital scanning into their operations. Assess the benefits of reduced chair time and accelerated delivery times on your practice.

The results are unprecedented; now is the time for dentists to embrace the digital revolution.

DENTgineering™ has completed exhaustive research and executed years of tests.
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