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2700 Crowns, one Remake

"Digital capture eliminates variables & provides predictable results: higher quality products delivered faster."
Mark W. McConnell, Laboratory Manager.

During the period December 3, 2007 to September 30, 2010, 15 dentists worldwide provided digital images for crowns and bridges with Cadent™ iTero™ and experienced:

Astonishing Results.

    • 33 months.
    • 15 dentists on two continents.
    • 2700 crowns and bridges, one remake = .999% accuracy.
    • Consistent 15-20 minute delivery appointments.

Digital capture produces models that deliver an accurate representation of a tooth and the surrounding tissues.

During conventional impression processes, the materials used expand and contract from humidity and temperature. These variables are introduced while taking the impression and then again, while pouring the mold.
These variables proliferate as multiple materials are utilized and each material has its own thermal expansion and contraction properties. These variables are addressed with the keen eye and experience of certified dental technicians, manually.

Historically, a 2-3% national remake factor incurred by laboratories is acceptable. The clear winner, digital capture eliminates complicated and unnecessary variables, raising the bar in the dental industry forever.

By Hennessy Labs                

33 month results
= .999% accurate.

Digital capture won the challenge as chair time is significantly reduced.

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